Our toddler’s room expands on the children’s expressions and experiences from the babies 2 room. As your child are becomes confident in most areas of development, their social and emotional development is nurtured while delivering age appropriate learning based on cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and language skills.

All of your child’s events during the day are observed by staff and whether they are in small or large group activities or having quiet time to themselves. Through these observations each child is reflected upon which help’s staff to foster and support them through their time in the toddlers room.

The Toddlers room shares a similar routine to the babies 2 room so children who have moved into the toddlers room from the babies 2 room will feel confident and know what to expect whilst also expressing their new found independence.

Our program is adaptable and flexible as we aim to work with each family and our centre broad goals to create a positive and productive environment where the children can have fun and feel excited about each new day.