Your child has graduated to the kindergarten room and has accomplished and reflected on all their learning skills throughout the past 4-5 years.

The Queensland Kindergarten Program taught to children at Tecoma employs a 4 year qualified Early Childhood Teacher to lead this class. The Early Childhood Teacher teaches and enhances their skill earned throughout all age groups in preparation for their first year at school.

By now your child has decided on how they would like their day to be through their independence, communication, individuality and independence. Therefore we are able to create the teaching of mathematics, pre-reading, pre-writing, social and emotional, fine motor and gross motor skills in a flexible teaching method focusing on your child’s strengths and interests.

Children are encouraged to continue their learning and begin to understand their emotional feeling. We support their social learning in relation to their emotional feeling so they begin to feel confident to discuss issues with their friends independently or as a group as well as feel comfortable in being who they are.

Our goal is for your child to progress into the school with ease.