At Tecoma Childcare Centre we appreciate and foster the individuality of all children. We acknowledge the differences of individual and cultural diversity and the different developmental level of each child and to provide stimulating activities associated with these.

We assist and encourage each child in their individual journey of discovery and encourage co-operation and tolerance within all of our programs. All children are provided freedom of choice in the selection of their activities so all their experiences are as enjoyable as possible.

We strive to foster positive relationships, mutual understanding and respect between educators and children. We aim to have a foster a positive relationship between educators and parents so that they may support each other in their roles and encourage parents to become involved in the Centre, to the extent that they feel comfortable with all educators and the Centre as a whole.

We believe in offering quality care to the community and strive to form relationships with local community bodies. We believe in utilising the resources within the community to enhance the standards of care.

Through the guidance and expectations of governing bodies we aim to achieve high quality care and apply systematic approaches to all areas of programming and administration.

Tecoma’s belief that a statement of the centre’s philosophy changes as new insights are gained and practice is evaluated.